About Tom

Marine Biologist turned Ford Dealer then Telecomm Executive and now Real Estate Broker, how does this happen?  It is Life and you live it.  Born into a Family of Ford Dealers, I aspired to be Jacque Cousteau and became a Marine Biologist for the University of North Carolina.  A couple of years later I am sales manager and top salesperson with my family Ford franchise.  Seventeen years were spent owning and managing that business and being awarded many sales awards but the award I am most proud of is won by the top 1% of dealers based on customer service and sales experience.

I have not mentioned that I am a certified secondary NC educator who has spent hundreds of days in classrooms across area schools.  Married and the father of two great young men, I moved my family back to Wilmington 19 years ago.

As your Real Estate Agent, I plan to utilize all of my Life lessons.  One of those was growing up in a small town where everyone was accountable to one another.  I learned servitude from a sales career, ownership of responsibility from my business career, having patience from teaching students and my Father’s lesson of being at my best because someone is always watching you.

Let us develop a friendship and productive business relationship as I strive to provide the very best service Intracoastal Realty has to offer in a home or investment property for you, your business or family.